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Introduce our 1st magic tattoo in Indonesia - Potatoo Live   16 May 2017 14:41

Potatoo Live is not ordinary tattoos! They move and live! Apply Potatoo Live to the skin using water as normal, then with your smartphone to watch them come to life! Simply download the free app and see the tattoos become live, three-dimensional with sound and movement. You can also try on virtual tattoos (coming soon) with augmented reality before buying to let you see how it will look. 

Snap these magic tattoos and share it on your social media. Let’s have so much fun with Potatoo Live

Download the mobile app now for free at Playstore and Appstore!  ( Search Potatoo1 )

Buy Potatoo Live here


This app only works with Potatoo Live temporary tattoos. You can see the mark - LIVE (blue circle) on every packing of our tattoo. If you see the mark - LIVE, then the tattoo is magic tattoo

In some consignee store, our tattoos do not have mark - LIVE, but if the images are same, they are magic tattoos. (Note: You can see the list of our Potatoo Live in our website)

Apply a Potatoo Live to your body using water as normal and viewed through the free app the tattoo comes to life!

We have so many types of designs, from fairy with magic dust, Princess dancing, cute playful cat or mighty lion, secret words and many more. Apply them on your arm, see your Magic temporary tattoos come to life with this awesome Potatoo app!

Buy Potatoo Live here

How it works

Once you have successfully applied your tattoo on your skin or other media, open the mobile app. Choose -Scan AR- to and pointed to the tattoo. The tattoo will magically come to life in stunning 360° detail. There is a different animation for every design. Don’t forget to snap the magic tattoo and share it on your social media.

If you want to try the virtual tattoo (coming soon) to see how it will look on your skin, choose -Try tattoo- , pick the images that you love and pointed to your skin. You will see the virtual tattoo on any media you have pointed. If you like them, you can directly click the buy icon to purchase through our online shop.

potatoo magic tattoo

potatoo magic tattoo

Buy Potatoo Live here

Custom Potatoo Live

Bring your brand to life with augmented reality temporary tattoos

Combined with stunning technology from Potatoo to upgrade your custom tattoo to the next level of awesome! Contact us for more details about custom Potatoo Live
Email : custom@potatoo1.com


  • Potatoo is a premium temporary tattoo sticker. Printed using eco friendly ink that safe for everyone and 100% waterproof. We also can do custom made tattoo sticker using your corporate logo or designs with minimum order. Our location is at Jakarta

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Potatoo is a premier temporary tattoo created by Louvre design. It's safe, printed using eco friendly ink and last for 3-4 days.
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