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Get the BEST festival look   10 August 2017 12:09
We are obsessed with everything GLITTER, metalic tattoos, bindi, gypsy look, and now that we have created lookbook what better time to put together ALL of our absolute FAVOURITE and BEST Festival Inspired Looks using, you guessed it, GLITTER and tattoos! This Style Guide will get you inspired to start putting together your perfect look for your next festival or summer party like We The Fest, Coachella, Rave party, or DWP. If you're a northern hemisphere babe, will get those creative ideas going for New Years Eve...because let's face it, it's never too early to start planning your NYE outfit! 

Its all about that Glitter, metalic tattoos, white tattoo and more!

To make glitter roots, create your perfect do, then finish it off by using a brush to apply gel to your roots then sprinkle a generous amount of glitter over the gel and fix into place with hair spray.

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Tired eyes?
Been partying at a three day festival and it's only Day 2 and you're starting to look a little less than fresh! Use glitter to bring you back to life! Start with a little magic fairy dust (a.k.a. GLITTER) under the eyes and start to build it up, be sure to avoid actual contact with your eyes as you don't want to irritate right before you've even begun. Add little shapes such as stars and moons to really create the magic

Get eye glitter here from Pinkbox

Shiny lips
There's nothing quite as enticing as a set of lush shimmery lips to make those heads turn. Make sure you use a cosmetic grade glitter, better yet, go for a bio degradable glitter. Get glitter for lips at Pinkbox

Douse your body
Need we say more! Apply this with your favourite moisturiser to keep it sticking to your skin, also your natural body sweat will keep that glitter well fastened into place! Glittery hands will also keep you entertained for hours, trust us, we've tried it ;)

FESTIVAL Anywhere, Anytime
That's right, it's never too early or too late or too laid back to get yourself 'fully festival styled', turn heads by mixing up different glitter textures, bindi's, face gems, body paint and temporary tattoos (Potatoo of course!) Use stars, craft gems and faux eyelashes and finish it off with BRAIDS (get it here ), better yet with colourful hair braids to give your braid that extra burst of colour, thickness and fun.
Our motto: "more is more is MORE"

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I hope you love our lookbook - full run down of our absolute favourite festival must-have; GLITTER and TATTOO - Get inspired for this festive season.
Keep shining beauties

Potatoo team

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