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Revolutionist Skyavenue 2017   29 August 2017 10:00

SKYAVENUE is an event that showcases and values a diverse form of art and creativity of Indonesian youth. Held annually by Labschool Kebayoran High School students, the event has grown progressively for eleven years and has become the most favored and awaited event every year, especially by those living in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

This year, they present SKYAVENUE in the concept of music festival that will be jazzed up by Indonesian most favored and A list guest stars like Raisa, Tulus, Adhitia Sofyan,The Changcuters,Endah N Rhesa,Kahitna,Yovie & Nuno and more. With their visual theme, Cultural Pop Art and its title, "Disclosure of the Unorthodox", in abstraction of a new, colorful, and unique era where all ethnics and culture come together as one in the form of art, thus creating a brand new atmosphere that is diverse, rich and grandeur in art.

Attended by 12.000 people from kids,teens and parents this event was a huge success. This year, Potatoo was colaborating with Pinkbox to open our booth at SkyAvenue 2017 - Ice BSD. Pinkbox is the new brand store who sells Fun Bright Things. This time Pinkbox brought the "Glitter Roots" concept to their booth to turn on the festival mood. 

Thanks to SkyAvenue and teams! We're had so much fun during the event and will be join again next year with the brighter concept :)

Makan @PopMieOfficial tentunya belum lengkap tanpa ditemani oleh Club Mineral Water! #IndofoodPensi

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Art Event for Unity and Equality Somehow I like this picture. Well maybe not because of its picture quality or detail but I like it because it can describe how was that night. Thousands of people willingly to stand and listen to their favourite musician. That's quality that still exists in this so called digital era. We do appreciate music by physically involved with the musician. We sing along and share our vibes with them. #T14039 #SkyAvenue2017 #Revolutionist #Labsky #Crowd #Concert

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(2/3) @raisa6690 at @skyavenue I've been a fan of her since 2011 (when she released her 1st single). Yesterday was my 3rd-time watching her LIVE performance and yessss, she still amazes me with her performance ?????????????????????????? . #skyavenue2017

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#Revolutionist #Skyavenue2017 ?

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beyond proud?? #revolutionist #skyavenue2017

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